Niyati Tondon

I would like to thank the entire Peach Blossom school faculty and support staff to have taken care of our children in the most delicate and safe manner. The teachers have not just helped bring out the best in our children but also helped us become better parents..for me the best decision taken for m

Sonia Rathi

Peach Blossom school is one of the best School in Noida. Both teachers and other staff at Peach Blossom school is very helpful and great, Thanks to Joya and her team to provide such School in Noida. This school has really helped my child in many ways. The curriculum is also great!

Gagan Deep Kalsi

I would strongly recommend Peach Blossom school to all new parents. Its very reassuring to see a place that hasn’t lost our old fashioned humanly ways of doing business with heart!! The personal attention each child gets, the hard work that is put in to offer them a very strong foundation in terms